Orbital Services Corporation


Orbital Services Corporation LLC (OSCorp) is an Active Debris Remediation (ADR) Company that leverages dual-use state-of-the-art Guidance Navigation and Control (GNC) technologies and space robotics capabilities, enabling complex, dynamic on-orbit Rendezvous and Proximity Operations (RPO) for the safe approach, inspection, and capture of non-cooperative spacecraft so that we can safeguard the US government and commercial space assets, augment the warfighter’s deterrence capabilities against orbital threats, and build a sustainable in-space economy.


Our mission is to ensure a secure space domain through Active Debris Remediation (ADR) of hazardous spacecraft and Resident Space Objects (RSO) to protect US government and commercial space assets, and the services they provide, from disruption or degradation while building a sustainable space economy and enabling a wide range of On-orbit Servicing Assembly and Manufacturing (OSAM) use cases.


At OSCorp, we are developing Robust and Autonomous Relative Navigation Algorithms for Safe Approach Inspection and Docking of Non-Cooperative Spacecraft that were not previously feasible or viable. Combining our algorithms with space-qualified robotic arms, adaptive sensing capabilities, and grappling hardware components (interfaces, tools, fixtures), we are testing novel inspection, docking, and grappling optimization techniques by modeling uncertainty, non-linear dynamics, and time-varying constraints.